Helping people, my clients, is why I practice law.

If looking for an attorney there is something in your life that has changed, is changing, could possibly change or will absolutely change in the future. With change comes uncertainty and confusion. Regardless of the source of change and confusion, most of the time there are complicated and confusing laws and rules involved. That’s where I can provide counsel and take over for you.

Customer service is important to almost everyone when buying homes, cars, appliances, or making any necessary purchase. However, in my opinion, the best customer service ever should come from your attorney. When your car breaks down or your house springs a leak or a critical appliance stops working, you have to work through the sometimes-slow customer service process to get things back on track. However, when your life breaks down or could break down, you need immediate counsel and help to remove confusion, to make sense of complicated laws and rules, and to take the burden of what to do off your shoulders. My job, as your legal counsel, is to provide client (customer) service that allows you to get on with life with as little worry and confusion as possible. I can absolutely speak “legalese”, but more importantly, I speak fluent “client”.

This is why, at Ruffin Law, you will have an uncommon experience with a unique result. To me, all that matters is you, your business or your family. My attention to your needs will be timely and absolute. Your results will not be generic, but specific to your unique situation, and will be the best available given your personal facts and circumstances.